Skydive Zion has had over 12,000 skydives completed since opening in 2000. There have been no fatalities and under 10 injuries. An injury or accident can happen on any skydive, and we are proud to point out that if you search for 'skydive zion accidents' or such you won't find any information.

There have been 8 injuries, often a sprained or even broken ankle. 5 of the 6 injuries have been to females who were over 185 lbs, over 58 yrs of age and not very active. While we have jumped safely with dozens of females who 'fall' into this category, this seems to be the group with a higher risk when handling an awkward landing.

The US Parachute Association states there are more than 350,000 people making around 3.3 million jumps a year and an annual average over the past decade of 20 fatalities per year, that translates into one fatality per 165,000 jumps (currently averaging 18 per year - see for more info). It is noteworthy that while the number of fatalities has remained fairly constant the number of jumps made annually over the past decade has doubled. Very few fatal accidents involve student skydivers even though students comprise the bulk of participants in the sport. This is due largely to the quality of instruction, most of which is conducted or supervised by USPA-rated instructors.



Owner/Instructor – Rick Eddy

Skydiving for over 26 years, near 10,000 total skydives, including 7000+ tandem skydives
USPA # 38425; Tandem Instructor, AFF Solo Instructors
Previously owned Skydive Colorado and Skydive St Louis
Skydiving is my life. I love skydiving and bringing people into the sport!

Our Pilots:

Roger Fraser
Scott Freeman
Larry Nemecek
Eric Bergson
John Templeton

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