Experienced Skydiver Information

Skydive Zion is primarily an operation that specializes in one-on-one student tandem and freefall instruction. Our facilities, procedures, programs and scheduling are designed for the novice skydiver. Skydive Zion is NOT a large skydiving center with numerous activities and large classes. We do not have the facilities or the employees or the services that experienced skydivers expect from larger facilities, such as riggers, packers, manifestors, packing areas, etc.

This is related to the small population of the area. Although 2.5 million people will visit Zion National Park every year, there are only 75,000 residents in the St. George area. This limits the growth possibilities of the operation.

Experienced skydivers should look to the nearest operations; 1 is 65 miles to the southwest in Mesquite Nevada (Skydive Mesquite), 2 are 190 miles southwest in Las Vegas but have dubious reputations among experienced divers; 1 is 330 miles north in Toole Utah, and 1 is 360 miles north in Ogden. There are also two operations in the Moab area, which is 300 miles from Skydive Zion. The operations in Utah offer twin engine airplanes, facilities and services that experienced divers desire.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the website, and good luck in all your future skydiving adventures! 

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